Kawneer has developed the AA3110 sliding window for the healthcare market

The design maximises ventilation while minimising the risk of self-harming and includes anti-ligature features such as a wraparound gasket that breaks into harmless pieces when there is an attempt to remove it, together with a streamlined handle that cannot be used as a ligature point. Designed to ensure that the safety of the user is paramount, it features easy-to-operate functions and key lockable restrictions in compliance with HTM55 and BS 8213 regulations.

As well as a concealed mechanism that enables the window to be locked open at 125mm, other safety features include anti-lift blocks so the sliding vents cannot be removed once they are installed, and options for glazing up to 33mm thick which allows for specialist safety or security glass.

The thermally broken vertical sliding window is compliant with the ventilation requirements of Document F, and gives weather performance, independently tested at the BRE to Class 9A (600Pa).

The unit comes in a variety of options, including single and double sliding, and the same size glass can be accommodated on both the sliding sash and fixed light, which means improved aesthetics and light for designers.