St Catherine's Foyer and Community Sports Centre
Architect Brady + Mallalieu Architects
Brick Ibstock Colonsey Red Rustic/Smooth/Wirecut
Brickwork Bowen Construction

Brick was chosen for this building because it was a familiar, solid and secure natural material that allowed flexibility for innovation in the design. This is clearly seen in the prominent drum entrance, the grid patterning and the textured brick panels. Brick is also used internally as part of the loadbearing cross wall structure. The judges thought it bristled with interesting brick details and forms, and thought the confidence of the designers "shines through".


Sasayama Centre Library, Sasayama City, Japan
Architect Yamashita Sekkei
Brick Ibstock Grosvenor County
Brickwork Japan Bricks

Seikan Gakuin University
Architect N/E Nikken Sekkei, Japan
Brick Ibstock
Brickwork Krosaki Harima

Yasu Library, Siga Prefecture, Japan
Architect Yamashita Sekkei
Brick Ibstock West Hoathly Medium Multi Stock/Sharpthorne Mixture
Brickwork Japan Bricks