Rada has launched Acu, a range of digital thermostatic mixing valves designed for washbasins in healthcare buildings

The Acu unit has a touch-free operation to help reduce cross-infection, programmable maximum, minimum and default temperatures, and a thermal disinfection feature to prevent the spread of legionella. The spout and controls are set into a wall panel and can be accessed, programmed and maintained without demounting the panels.

Temperatures can be preset as clinical, patient and surgical, under NHS Estates Model Engineering Specification D08, up to a maximum of 48°C. The unit is designed to avoid the possibility of scalding, according to Rada, and is BuildCert TMV3-approved. It meets the Department for Health’s healthcare compliance standards HTM 04-01, HBN 26, HBN 57 and HTM 64, as well as BS 7942 for care homes and other establishments with vulnerable client groups.