Staff at a Wildlife Park needed to move so much earth and dung they upgraded their JCB wheelbarrrow to a machine digger.

If you can tell the men from the boys by the size of their toys, it seems that staff at Shepreth Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire have definitely grown up. Or perhaps they were feeling inadequate after having to make do with a modest £50 JCB wheelbarrow; when they decided to upgrade, they splashed out on a 1CX Streetmaster backhoe loader from JCB compact products in Staffordshire, costing 500 time as much as the humble three-wheeler.

Park owner Terry Willers said: "We needed to purchase our own plant and the JCB wheelbarrow had given us such good service that it seemed the obvious solution to buy a JCB machine."

The useful piece of kit will be used for excavating work to prepare the Park for more animal enclosures - and for shovelling out the dung from the ones already occupied by the lamas.