Schüco has designed a fire-resistant facade, the BF F30/G30, to prevent fire spreading between buildings or to create escape corridors within them.
An insulation board in the facade's transoms and mullions give the system 30 minutes' structural integrity to stop flame and gas penetration. It can also prevent heat radiation penetrating the facade for up to 30 minutes, depending on the type of glass fitted.

The insulation board contains more than 70% moisture. In a fire, this is released as steam – a process that produces a cooling effect and stops the aluminium box sections from melting.

The transom and mullion profiles are available in various dimensions to suit individual structural requirements. Because the fire-resistant system looks identical to the company's standard SK60V profile, the two facade systems can be incorporated on the same building.

The company has also launched a fire-resistant facade that uses a steel insert to give it extra strength.Schüco International

Central heating system restorer
Fernox has reformulated its Superfloc Heavy Duty Restorer for removing sludge and scale from central heating systems. Supplied in one-litre containers, the restorer is fitted via the header tank, or through a radiator air vent using a Fernox injector for sealed systems. Fernox says the Heavy Duty Restorer is a non-hazardous product compatible with all metals and materials used in central heating systems, and can be discharged into drains without contravening environmental regulations.

Resin anchor for substrates
Fischer Fixings has introduced a new resin anchor for fixing into concrete. The FIS V 150 C is suitable for civil engineering and construction applications, such as anchoring reinforcement bars, rods and steel profiles into hollow bricks or solid materials. The resin is said to be suitable for virtually any substrate and is supplied in two parts as resin and hardener.
Fischer Fixings

Acrylic or glass security mirrors
Solutions Direct has launched a range of security mirrors for indoor and outdoor uses. Made from lightweight acrylic or glass, the mirrors come in circular and rectangular shapes, and with various fixings for easy installation.
Solutions Direct

Ergonomically designed espagnolette
Feneseal has introduced the Maxim 2 espagnolette handle. It features an ergonomically designed grip with a scallop button recess for easy operation. The handle incorporates a positive 90° stop and locks automatically on closing. Depressing the button releases the handle, which can be deadlocked for extra security. Designed to operate espagnolette and shootbolt mechanisms, Maxim 2 is available as an offset or inline design in gold, white or chrome.

Plastic garage door
NovEra has launched the Prestige Jacobean garage door. Made from a blend of ABS/ASA plastic – the material used for car bumpers – the door is able to withstand knocks and blows. It features six vertical panels with panel-moulding, and single-width doors can be supplied pre-hung in complementary frames for easy fitting.

Convector gas fire
Brilliant Fires has introduced the Tiffany convector gas fire. The frame, canopy and fret are available in stainless steel or black with a choice of three ceramic models of fuel: driftwood, pebbles or conventional coals. The fire has an output of 3.9 kW, which the manufacturer says does not require a permanent air vent. The fire is suitable for class two flues and is also available as a fan-flued version for rooms without a chimney.
Brilliant Fires

Commercial water heaters
Lochinvar has launched a range of commercial water heaters known as the Balanced Flue. It is available in seven models, with capacities from

80 to 400 litres for small to medium commercial and industrial applications, and for large commercial kitchens. The units are room-sealed with automatic ignition and are supplied with a standard 1 m flue kit and terminal.

Chlorine-free air-conditioning systems
Daikin Europe has developed a range of split air-conditioning systems using chlorine-free R410a refrigerant. The units are available as wall- and floor-mounted units, with capacities of 25 and 35 kW for cooling and heating, and are suitable for light commercial and residential use. The manufacturer claims that the use of R410a refrigerant results in high unit efficiencies.

All units feature integral air cleaners and the wall-mounted units are fitted with a photo-catalytic air cleaner that has the ability to remove odours as well as dust.
Daikin Europe

Threshold drain
Hepworth has developed a threshold drain to prevent water from entering properties fitted with level access to comply with Part M of the Building Regulations. The drain comes in a standard 1200 mm size, but jointing pieces allow sections to be added to accommodate wide entrances such as garage doors. The drainage channel can be connected to a 100 mm pipe, or the collected water can drain away into the ground.
Hepworth Building Products

Fan-flued boiler series

Ideal Boilers has launched three fan-flued boilers: the Icos, the Icos System and Isar. The Icos is a heat-only appliance for use with a fully pumped heating system; the Icos System incorporates a pump; and the Isar is a combination heating and hot water boiler. All have fully modulating outputs of 9 to 23 kW for central heating and the Isar has an output of 9 to 29 kW for hot water. The units are compact enough to be fitted into a standard kitchen cupboard without any additional ventilation.Ideal Boilers