Grass Concrete has launched a system that can be laid over new or existing flat roof membranes to create a green roof

The Grassroof system comprises of a paver made out of polypropylene honeycomb cells that sit on leg supports. This enables a dry-fix installation over the flat roof membrane and creates a drainage waterway between the paver and the roof membrane.

With the GRF/1 range, this gap is infilled with a lightweight aggregate filter media. For the GRF/2 type, the bonded geo-textile to the underside of each unit creates a micro-porous barrier that holds the soil in place but allows water to percolate into the waterway below. This enables percolating water to be drained or collected as part of a rainwater harvesting process.

The paver can be installed as an extensive thin layer using sedum or as part of an intensive system where deeper soil layers and variable landscape designs are used.

Grass Concrete