Russian dolly birds go surreal, Vincent has a liquidity problem and Madelin’s hangover cure

Cryptic message

Mipim is used to the Russians advertising their companies with glammed-up dolly birds, but the Moscow contractor Mirax gave it a surreal twist this year. The Mirax ladies (above) posed as pregnant women, walking prams filled with model buildings up and down La Croisette. Eh? Is it that the Russian market is pregnant with possibilities, or have they just knocked it up?

Tchenguiz storms

There was little direct effect of the weekend’s storms on the Mipim fair beyond a few delayed estate agents. However rumours were swirling that the choppy waters were causing problems for Vincent Tchenguiz, property tycoon and chair of the Consensus Business Group. Rumour has it that the coast guard had vetoed his desire to freight valued clients around Cannes in motor boats because of the high waves. Now that is really getting serious.

Life’s a beach

Also kicking up a storm out in Cannes was Argent’s Roger Madelin, who could be seen in the early morning of Tuesday running along the beach. Madelin informs me that this 30-minute run is in fact his secret hangover cure. I’m not sure it’s likely to catch on.