Construction’s finest give their thoughts on the year ahead

It would be a shame if the positive changes made over the last decade are lost in a return to a more contractual process, resulting from procurement which may drive pricing to levels that are not sustainable
Richard Bailey, Managing director: construction, BAM Construct uk

Next year will be stable but not spectacular. Laboratories, pharmacies, leisure and hotels seem quite strong. But education and health will be battered
Tim Mote, regional director, Aecom

There’s no big demand at the moment, or rather, no one is committing to big projects. That’s the problem. I predict some retailers may be looking to add value with extensions to developments
Vinod Thakrar, director: Project management, Hammerson

While it will continue to be a very difficult year in some sectors and regions, I believe that the impact of significant workload in infrastructure and in the repair and maintenance sectors, plus a healthier performance in office and retail development will make the decline less marked than some forecasters are suggesting
Graham Watts, chief executive, Construction Industry Council

There are going to be more properties coming to the market and we are going to see more refurbishment activity. The worry is the availability of debt to finance projects. That would help stimulate activity.

The banks will not be lending as before, it’s not going to be a conventional marketplace
Richard Ellis, managing director, CBRE

If you look at the bigger American companies they have sort of done [acquisitions] now, but will they do more of it? I’m not sure they will. They are going to see what happens over the next 12 months. I’m not sure we’ll see another Scott Wilson. There’s not many Scott Wilsons that are in the same margin - they were grossly undervalued
Michael Thirkettle, Chief executive, Mcbains Cooper

While other areas of the world are prospering, the reality is that the UK - in fact, Europe - is in a pickle and there is no easy fix. We need to believe this is the bottom and the UK market outlook will be much more positive in a year’s time
Steve McGuckin, UK managing director, Turner & Townsend