Martin King's witty entry scooped top prize in Hansom's steam train caption competition.

Congratulations to Martin King of surveying firm Castons for his winning entry in Hansom's caption competition last week’s caption competition. His effort had the driver saying to the octet of adjudicators:

Martin King's winner
Martin King's winner
"Gentlemen please sign this before boarding the train ‘The driver shall not be liable for anything done or omitted in the discharge or purported discharge of his functions as a driver unless the act is in bad faith, and any employee or agent of the driver shall be similarly protected from liability’”.

Such was the impressive response to the competition that we've decided to publish the best of the rest below:

  • Jean Birch, chief executive, Association of Interior Specialists, must have been in party mood when she came up with her entries: "Come on now, do the locomotion with me". "You put your right hand in, your right hand out, in out in out, shake it all about"?
  • Matt Bastone sent this in and can be spotted second from left in the photo: "Unlike George Stevenson what these buggers do isn't exactly 'Rocket' science"
  • Just one question, Dennis Baldwin from Soma Contract Services, who is McHugh? "I said we're waiting for McHugh for Murphys - not form a queue for more fees!"
  • Edward Thackray delivered: "Right - hold it there. I'm off to pick up one of your clients - he won't believe this!"
  • While James Armstrong kept it succint: "Just what I need, more hot air!".
  • Paul Atkins must have had a quite afternoon last week. He came up with six suggestions and was the only entry to include a Thomas the Tank Engine reference, albeit a bizarre one.
  • "You put your right arm in..."
  • "Just wait till I sound the horn, that'll wipe the grins off their faces!"
  • "That must be snow white in the middle."
  • "Yes. I know which direction I'm going in.
  • "Now, if you stay like that, but just stand behind the train and push."
  • "Please stand to one side and let the camera focus on my Thomas the Tank Engine pyjama bottoms and slippers."
  • Alistair Rose showed an awareness of steam train terminology with: “Eight wheel-tappers and we still can’t leave until they agree who has got the hammer.”
  • And finally Edward Kirby and Pam Tinsley punted a couple of puns: "Is this what they call an adjudicator's training day" (Edward) and “Pardon me boy - is that the 'RICS Ad Judi' choo choo? (Pam).