Stonespec has introduced Agglotech to the UK

This is a reconstituted stone product made from marble chips, Portland cement and water, and it can be used for a range of applications, including cladding, window sills, floors and even worktops.

The panels are made to order and can be fabricated from a large range and combination of marble colours, which are combined with different binders to provide a complementary or contrasting finish. The size of the marble chips can be varied depending on the desired look, and finishes such as brushed or bush hammered can be specified to give a textured feel. The process normally takes up to two months.

Agglotech is manufactured in large blocks which are cut and worked like natural stone to the desired size and shape. Unlike materials such as Terrazzo, the marble chips are densely packed throughout the depth of the panels and provide hard and durable edges.

The mix is produced using TX Active cement.

This has photocatalytic properties which, when exposed to daylight, form oxidising reagents that decompose substances that can cause discolouration, such as soot and algae. It also reacts with airborne pollutants such as volatile organic compounds, nitrous oxides and sulphuric oxides, which are significant factors in smog, and breaks them down into more benign substances.