Latest news from the world of construction product manufacture

Yorkon has launched a website ( for architects and contractors that gives a comprehensive portfolio of projects using Yorkon modular buildings.

It demonstrates design possibilities, internally and externally, along with sections on roofing, cladding and glazing to show the diversity of design options. A downloadable interactive design tool is also available.

• Cablofil has launched Cablosoft, a software tool designed to enable electrical contractors and consultants to produce accurate specifications for the products, amounts and accessories they require for a particular project. There is also a “recommendation” tool that suggest products that best suit the application.

• Elevator and escalator maker Kone, is offering architects and building planners free online tools to help during the building design phase. The tools – Kone Quick Traffic, Kone Planulator and Kone Escalator Designers – enable architects to find the optimal elevator or escalator solutions.

• Kalzip has launched a showcase of its projects from around the world ( The projects range from simple and unassuming to the complex and prestigious and each project entry includes a concise profile of supporting information and product specification data.

• Paint maker Johnstone’s has launched Paint Solutions for Leisure & Retail, a guide to provide specifiers and key decision makers working in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors with the most effective paint solutions.