What have you bought recently online?

A new visor for my motorbike, but it hasn’t arrived so I’m not happy! I also bought some ear plugs as the bike is noisy.

Do you take your iPhone on holiday?

Yes, as I like to wind up the office while I’m on my snowboard and they are hard at work. Also I use it so I have my tunes with me.

What’s your most-played iTune?

Kings on Leon, Sex on Fire … of course

What’s your favourite app?

Google maps and the London cycle hire map too. And there’s an app for iPhone battery life.

What is your favourite website?

Triumph (www.triumph.co.uk) - the bikes not the bras, although I’m sure that’s a good one too!

Letter, email or phone?

I handwrite personal letters and use a fountain pen I’ve had since I was 15.

What social networks are you on?

I recently had a “Facebook cull” and removed people it seemed pointless staying in touch with.

Rupert Shaw is director of fit-out firm Cameron Black