The latest anti-bacterial coatings, specialist sanitaryway, robust partitions, lighting, air fresheners and smoke detectors to fit into your healthcare scheme, plus the news from the materials firms

Longer life fluorescent lamps

Longer life fluorescent lamps

Robust partitions

British Gypsum has brought out a suite of products for the healthcare sector. It has introduced a severe duty version of its GypWall Robust impact partitioning system. The company says the 15 mm thick board, called Duraline, meets Healthcare Technical Memorandum performance requirements, including the ability to resist hard body impacts, which makes it suitable for corridors. It is can be used in a single layer and is British Gypsum says its fire and acoustic performance are good enough for it to be used instead of the firm’s dedicated fire resistant or acoustic boards.

British Gypsum has also brought out an upgraded version of its Gypframe CurveLiner floor and ceiling channel which are intended to create curved feature walls. Called Gypframe 72 EDCL 80 CurveLiner Channel, it can take up to 25 mm of structural deflection. Finally the company has introduced a range of collated drywall screws in 42 mm and 50 mm lengths. This enables fixers to use collated screw-fixing guns for attaching three layers of 12.5 mm thick plasterboard to metal studwork.

British Gypsum 301

Ultra-tough floodlights

Ansell Lighting has launched a floodlighting range called Orion. These are suitable for illuminating car parks, public buildings and amenity spaces. The floodlight casings are made from a plastic that Ansell says offers excellent strength, corrosion-resistance and temperature stability. The casings have an ingress protection rating of 66, are available in three sizes from 70 W to 400 W and are capable of accommodating either metal halide or sodium lamps.

Ansell Lighting 302

Safety conscious bathroom pods

Off Site Solutions, a specialist manufacturer of bathroom pods, has added an anti-ligature bathroom pod for the mental health and detention sectors. It includes taps and toilets operated by sensor so that there are no handles to which potentially suicidal patients could attach a ligature.

Off Site Solutions 303

Smoke detector

Durapipe UK has launched a pipework system for use with aspirating smoke detection systems. Called Detecta-line, the pipes have holes drilled in them to convey air samples from protected zones to the smoke sensors. The pipes are made from ABS plastic, which Durapipe says will protect them from corrosion, and they are suitable for use in temperatures as low as –40°C. Durapipe, which is designed to be easy to install into smoke detection system, comes in three metre lengths, with couplings, tees, 90° bends, 45° elbows, socket unions, end caps and cobra pipe clips.

Durapipe UK 304

Anti-MRSA coating

A coating that counters the MRSA superbug has been developed by healthcare specialist Barwood Products. Called ActiSafe, the coating is said to have the anti-bacterial properties of silver, which a naturally anti-bacterial product. It can be applied to walls, bath and shower rails and cistern levers.

Barwood Products 305

Safer fluorescent lamp starters

Electrical firm Philips has updated its range of fluorescent lamp starters so these no longer contain any radioactive or lead material. Called S2 and S10, the starters are said to prolong lamp life, and contain more flame retardant material to reduce the risk of fire

Philips 306

Paint that freshens the air G

Plaster and aggregate company Maxit has launched a range of coloured paints to cover its air-freshening wall and ceiling plaster. The recently launched product is said to break down pollutants and airborne odours by catalysing these with natural or artificial light. The company said the colours could be applied to the plaster even after it has been in place for several years, and that the odour neutralising properties of the paint would not deteriorate with age. The product is being tested for its anti-microbial properties.

Maxit 309

Protective coating

A coating said to protect windows, glass, baths, flooring and units has been launched by removable coatings maker Spraylat. The films, called Peelaway Glasstip and Pellaway Deckstrip, can be applied by roller or spray and protect non-porous surfaces from staining, abrasion, water, ultraviolet light and wear. The makers say the coatings can be removed leaving no residue, and are suitable for healthcare facilities.

Spraylat 310

Fire-rated access panel

Access panel maker Profab has launched an access panel for use with fire-rated tiled walls. The company says Profab 8000 2FR, has a two-hour fire rating and can take glazed ceramic or marble tiles. It has a hinged door, can be fitted with a variety of locks and is especially suitable for bathrooms where the fire rating is required, such as those in heathcare buildings.

Profab Access Ltd 311

Ready-plumbed washbasin

Tyford Bushboard has developed a clinical washbasin specifically for healthcare facilities. It is supplied as a ready plumbed module with basin, taps, waste and panel. Four mounting configurations are available including boxed out, between wall, aperture and semi recessed. The company claims it is up to 12 times faster to install than a timber-framed system. The product is available with either lever taps or for areas where infection control is important a touch free brassware option is available. The sanitaryware and backboard are also available with an anti-bacterial coating.

Tyford Bushboard 308

Movers and makers

Publisher Blackwell is to publish a book on risk management on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Building. Value and Risk Management, by Davis Langdon engineer Michael Dallas, explains how value and risk are related to each other. It is aimed at cost consultants, contractors, architects and clients with large building programmes, and it describes issues that have to be addressed in a variety of circumstances and throughout all the stages of a project. It includes a case study of a healthcare PFI scheme. It will be available in January 2006.

Furniture maker Cadre Components has bought cladding maker KR Plastics. KR Plastics makes vinyl, stone chip brick effect and wood effect cladding for a range of markets including hospitals. Cadre Components said the acquisition enabled it to broaden its market position.

Mouldings firm Timbmet Silverman has signed an agreement with coating firm BioCote to add its
anti-bacterial chemicals to Timbmet Silverman products. These include skirting boards, handrails, window boards and other mouldings, which are available in oak, red hardwood and western red
cedar. Timbmet Silverman said the coating reduced bacteria by up to 99.9% and prevent the spread of cross contamination of infections including MRSA and E-coli.

A revised version of the British Standard code of practice on the use of masonry has been published. BSI Business Information is revising the code for BS 5628 in response to the introduction of harmonised European product standards. The standard is designed to ensure that unreinforced masonry structures are designed within safe and reliable parameters. The firm has also published a new edition of the code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises
(BS 5266-1).

A system to speed up the building of walls has been approved by local authority building control. H+H Celcon’s Thin-Joint system uses a thin layer of fast drying mortar to join specially made jumbo aircrete blocks. The system is suitable for any masonry building including healthcare facilities. The LABC approval should make it easier for building professionals to fast track it through approval procedures.

Fire detection product maker Hochiki has begun to distribute a new range of fire detector testers. The Solo TM, made by No Climb, generates smoke or heat to test smoke, heat, and fire detectors. Hochiki said the Solo range was a “natural and synergistic fit in our own product portfolio”.