Masonry reinforcement, anchor bolts, plastic mountains and much more from the companies that make those all-important structural products. Plus, restoring Camden's Roundhouse and industry news

Refurbishing the Roundhouse

Weber SBD's epoxy resin repair system Epoxy Plus has been used to restore the roof timbers at the Roundhouse, a performance venue in Camden, north London. Quadriga, a conservation and restoration specialist, carried out the refurbishment of the 1846 building, which is grade II*-listed. The project involved drilling and pinning fractures and shakes in the timber with stainless steel dowels in conjunction with injections of Epoxy Plus. This consolidated and sealed the shakes and restored the structural integrity of each member.

Weber SBD 301

Polyethylene sub-base course

Delta Membrane Systems has launched a sub-base course designed to be a cost-effective alternative to lean concrete courses. It is called Delta-MS, and it is a dimpled sheet made from high-density polyethylene and it is said to be resistant to acids, alkalines, oils and solvents. The maker says the product also protects the foundation slab from rising damp and prevents cement grout from seeping into the ground. Delta-MS is available in 2, 2.4 and 3 m wide rolls in lengths of 20 m.

Delta Membrane Systems 302

Super-strength masonry reinforcement

BRC Special Products has redesigned Bricktor CCR, its masonry reinforcement product, to make it stronger. The woven stainless steel mesh has been replaced with a welded format. The maker says Bricktor CCR is suitable for bonding and strengthening brickwork, blockwork and stone walls and can lie flat on the masonry mortar joint, making it easier to install than other coiled products.

BRC Special Products 303

Shear load connector

Fixings supplier Halfen-Deha has launched a shear load connector called CRET that transfers shear forces across structural joints. The company says it facilitates the structural movement caused by temperature change, shrinkage and creep without the need for corbels and double supports.

Halfen-Deha 306

Larger precast concrete pile

Centrum Pile, a maker of reinforced precast concrete piles, has added a 400 mm square section pile to its standard range. This larger section is said to be suitable for applications such as the foundations of land-based wind turbines. The company claims it is the largest factory-produced precast concrete pile available in the UK.

Centrum Pile 307

All-purpose anchor bolt

Fischer Fixings has launched a zinc-plated steel anchor bolt called FAZ II for use in both non-cracked and cracked concrete. The maker says the general-purpose anchor bolt is suitable for applications including the installation of beams, railings, banisters, brackets, machinery and steel fabrications or stairs. FAZ II is available in a range of diameters from 8 to 16 mm.

Fischer Fixings 308

Loadbearing structural board

Marley Eternit has launched Duripanel, a loadbearing structural board that can be used as an alternative to chipboard or plywood. Duripanel, a cement-bonded particleboard, is suitable for applications such as roof decking and acoustic or high-impact lining.

Marley Eternit 309

Monumental plastic mountain

GE Plastics has supplied 550 m2 of its Lexan Margard transparent plastic sheet to the Giant’s Tooth, an 8 m high monument built in Turin to celebrate last month’s Winter Olympics.

GE Plastics has supplied 550 m2 of its Lexan Margard transparent plastic sheet to the Giant’s Tooth, an 8 m high monument built in Turin to celebrate last month’s Winter Olympics.

GE Plastics has supplied 550 m2 of its Lexan Margard transparent plastic sheet to the Giant's Tooth, an 8 m high monument built in Turin to celebrate last month's Winter Olympics. The monument, named after a peak on the border of Italy and France, was designed to resemble an ice-covered mountain with vertical rock formations and a central spire. The company says the product is about half the weight of glass, resists abrasion and can be frequently cleaned without causing damage.

GE Plastics 304

Tough yet light floor joist

Timber products specialist Scotts of Thrapston has developed Easi-joist, an engineered floor joist that is said to prevent warping, bowing and general distortion. The maker says that Easi-joist combines the lightness of timber with the strength of metal and that the open web system allows for the easier installation of services such as 100 mm soil pipes and water pipes.

Scotts of Thrapston 305

Movers and makers

  • The Modern Masonry Alliance has been formed to bring together trade organisations that represent brick, block, stone and mortar manufacturers and to promote masonry as a construction method. The forum’s objective is to develop long-term relationships with potential construction stakeholders including the government and to co-ordinate research and input into standards, codes and the Building Regulations.
  • The Institution of Structural Engineers has changed the title of its structural awards categories to help make the awards more accessible to firms of all sizes. The nine rebranded categories include education or healthcare structures, pedestrian bridges and community or residential structures. The supreme award, for the finest example of structural engineering design, and the David Alsop sustainability award remain unchanged. The closing date for applications is 7 April.
  • Consultancy practice STATS has formed the Centre for Stone and Slate Technology to supply testing and consultancy services on the use of natural stone and slate both for new-build projects and within the heritage and restoration fields. The company says CSST staff can provide advice about the correct specification and use of materials, stone finish and appropriate bedding and fixing.
  • The Hemp Lime Construction Products Association has been formed by Lhoist UK, a lime producer, Lime Technology, a dry lime mortar manufacturer and Hemcore, a grower and processor of hemp, to promote the use of hemp lime products and draw up standards for their use. The association claims hemp lime products are environment-friendly and available at comparable costs to conventional products.
  • Ruberoid has launched The DPC and Cavity Tray Systems Design Guide to provide advice and information on its products and services. It features cut-away diagrams and full specifications for the company’s dampproof course and cavity tray systems and also includes information on accessories, technical support and design services.
  • BSI Business Information has published a CD-ROM to cover all three parts of the BS EN 10088 standard for stainless steels. It includes the list of chemical compositions of stainless steels, the technical delivery conditions for hot or cold rolled sheet and special grades of corrosion-resisting stainless steels for general purposes. BSI Business Information has also launched a five-part series of quality requirements for BS EN ISO 3834, the standard for fusion welding of metallic materials.