Who tops the medal table when it comes to pub sports? We preview Building's inaugural Pub Olympics

The athletes

Who needs the Olympics? With the real Games mired in budget disputes and political wranglings, Building decided to head down the pub for our own version – five and a half years early and with a suitably generous drinks budget (rumours that it spiralled wildly out of control after initial estimates are unfounded).

In the name of resolving inter-professional rivalries once and for all, we invited teams of designers, quantity surveyors and builders to pit their wits against one another – and challenged them all to take on the Building contributors, a motley crew of legal columnists, architecture critics and photographers.

Our Olympians were competing for bottles of champagne, but as the drinks flowed and the competitive spirit took hold, it was clear that there was much, much more at stake.

The final results will appear in Building next week, but in the meantime, place your bets…