Corus has launched Colorcoat Urban, a roofing product that is suitable for refurbishment projects that the company says is 100% recyclable, inherently airtight and, being lightweight, easy to handle on site. Colorcoat Urban has passed stringent testing to BS 6920 Suitability of Non-metallic Products for Use in Contact with Water Intended for Human Consumption, which means that it can be used for rainwater harvest systems. Colorcoat Urban can also be easily integrated with photovoltaic and solar thermal panels, as well as passive solar heat collection and green roofs, all of which are intended to enable the designer to meet the most stringent of design challenges. The product comes in a range of tonal colours and a choice of profiles. Colorcoat Urban was incorporated on the recently opened BASF Creative Energy House, a sustainable housing project at the University of Nottingham.

Corus, Enquiry #306