M.R. Site Services has launched Roll-A-Flex, a fully reinforced waterproofing system that provides an alternative to welded joints for situations in which welding joints is impractical.

Roll-A-Flex comprises a liquid-applied acrylic membrane applied in two coats, with a polyester fleece reinforced layer to create a long-lasting weather-tight seal. According to the company, it is quick to apply and can be used on any roofing material profile or surface finish, from extruded or formed aluminium to steel, concrete and even wood.

It is particularly suitable for difficult areas such as hips and valleys and for a vast range of details including soakers and openings.

As a cold-applied material, Roll-A-Flex poses no risk of fire to roof insulation materials and is also fast-curing – it is rainproof after just 30 minutes. It is fire resistant and meets all appropriate UK and European construction standards as well as being resistant to flexural fatigue.

Roll-A-Flex can be coloured as required to match or complement any existing roof materials.

M.R. Site Services


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