Red Zebra Mobile is a new mobile phone image management system that allows site managers, workers and subcontractors to take pictures and send them in real-time to an online gallery for office-based colleagues to look at.

The system, which requires no additional software to work on any mobile phone, means that site-based staff can share possible work issues, solve problems remotely or simply record daily work processes. It is independent of the operator and works with both CDMA and GSM mobile systems.

As many or as few people as needed can access and view the stored pictures, which can be sent by multiple staff and then stored online. The images are stored on a Red Zebra server, which can be tailored to specific corporate designs. The cost of the monthly subscription service is based on the number of images uploaded and stored.

Red Zebra also features audio file recording at the same time as image capture.This is useful for conveyancing and surveying professionals as well as on-site staff who want a voice record that describes a particular issue or problem. There is also a facility to turn 30 seconds of audio recording into a Word document.

Red Zebra Mobile also offers a premium GPS service. This means the location of the picture is displayed on a map.

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