Deals worth £113.5m propel contractor up the league table, £50m ahead of nearest rival.
Sir Robert McAlpine leaped to the top of the league table for August, thanks to £113.5m of deals in Cardiff Bay and central London. The contractor won a £60m contract for the Wales Millennium Centre and a £50m project to replace Belgrave House on Buckingham Palace Road with a seven-storey block.

Fit-out contractor Interior Services Group climbed 20 places to second with £64.5m of business and Derby-based housebuilder Miller Birch made its debut in fourth position.

McAlpine's performance raised it to second in the yearly table, but it was still a long way behind leader Bovis Lend Lease.

English Partnerships was the top client, with five jobs worth a total of £1bn, and Foster and Partners was king of the architects with £505.3m of work.

How the tables work

To qualify for the tables, companies must have been identified on two or more projects fitting the criteria below in the past 12 months. Projects must:
  • be of precisely calculated or confirmed value
  • have reached the main contract stage
  • be valued at £1m or more
  • be in the UK.
Residential, civil engineering or overseas contracts are excluded. Student accommodation is included.