This week’s #buildingdoodle sketch is by Srirat Jongsanguandi, from Seven Kings Sixth Form, year 12.

Srirat is taking part in Open City’s Accelerate into University! programme, which pairs students from year and in London state schools with architects and students from the Bartlett School ofArchitecture to develop skills required for entry to higher education in architecture-related courses. Srirat’s project was about breathing. She says: “I chose Caffe Nero as a microcosm of thelungs. It sits in the centre of busy London, that attracts everybody. Just like how the lungs are in the middle of our body.” Srirat was mentored by Justin Lau and Natasha Telford of MakeArchitects.To submit your sketches for publication please email or post via Twitter using the hashtag #buildingdoodle.