Everything you need to create a sophisticated, modern office environment, from frameless glass partitioning to wall-mounted uplighters, plus systems for heat recovery, air-handling and sunshading

Glasgow office gets natural stone flooring

Brandy Crag natural stone from stone supplier Burlington has been specified for an office development at Atlantic Quay in the centre of Glasgow. Architect Building Design Partnership chose the flooring for the atrium and reception area and for a ramp and stairs leading up to the entrance. The tiles inside have been inset with low-voltage feature lighting, and externally the tiles have been provided with anti-slip properties. Specialist tiling contractor A de Cecco installed the tiles on behalf of main contractor Balfour Beatty. Brandy Crag stone was also used for bathroom vanity units.

Burlington Slate
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Glasgow office gets natural stone flooring
Glasgow office gets natural stone flooring

Belt-driven lift

Lift maker Otis has launched a lift suitable for small commercial and residential applications. The Gen2 Comfort uses a flat steel belt to lift the elevator car instead of the usual steel ropes. Otis says this reduces the size of the motor needed to power the lift by 70%, and also reduces the need for maintenance. The motor

is fitted inside the lift shaft, eliminating the need for a separate motor room on the roof of the building. The lift travels at a speed of 1 m/s and is available in capacities from four to 13 people.

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Energy-efficient heat recovery

Mitsubishi Electric has launched Lossnay RX4, a range of ceiling-mounted heat recovery units. The units are intended to increase energy efficiency by recovering the heat from stale air expelled from the building. The units have an ultra-thin paper core to improve heat transfer between incoming fresh air and expelled stale air. Their energy efficiency means the units qualify for the government’s enhanced capital allowances initiative, whereby companies can claim 100% tax relief in the first year of purchase. There is a built-in pre-heater circuit to ease the connection of pre-heaters. There are nine models in the range.

Mitsubishi Electric
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Aluminium sunshading

Cladding manufacturer Kawneer has launched a sunshading system suitable for both new and existing facades. Called AA120, it consists of a wide range of extruded aluminium sections that can be used on a variety of building types. The system can be fitted horizontally or vertically and components can be individually tailored for bespoke applications. The system is available in more than 130 standard and 31 metallic polyester paint finishes. Standard and coloured anodised finishes are also available.

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Wall-mounted uplighters

Cooper Lighting and Security has brought out a range of wall-mounted uplighters in response to Lighting guide 7: Office lighting (see “Movers and makers”). Called Crompton Reef, the uplighters are intended to be used in conjunction with recessed ceiling lighting and enhance lighting schemes by illuminating walls and ceilings. The uplighters can also be used for general ambient lighting in reception areas, boardrooms and circulation areas. The uplighters are available in white or metallic silver and are 93 mm deep, 224 mm wide and range in length from 260 mm to 590 mm depending on lamp type.

Cooper Lighting and Security
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Slimmer fan coils and air handling units

Climate control specialist Trane has launched a range of fan coils and air handling units. Called HFR, the slim-line fan coil range is intended for offices and hotels. The units are supplied with a range of factory-mounted options for simple installation and are available in a range of configurations, offering various spigot sizes, connections to a variety of control systems and a choice of air flow rates. The air handling unit range is called CLCE and is suitable for a range of applications including offices. There are sixty-six standard unit sizes and non-standard sizes are also available. There is also a wide choice of components including filters, heating and cooling coils, fans and humidifiers.

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Green paint in range of colours

Natural Building Technologies has launched a range of environmentally friendly emulsion paint. The company said the paint was non-toxic and non-allergenic, contained no petrochemical solvents and produced no harmful or persistent volatile organic compounds. The range is also said to contain fewer synthetic and hazardous materials and 30% less embodied energy than the company’s existing range. It is available in 20 colours.

Natural Building Technologies
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Low-cost connection centre

Lighting management specialist Ex-Or has expanded its range of connection centres with the addition of a low-cost version called Connect Ultra Lite. The company said it was suitable for specifiers with less sophisticated operational requirements and was intended for connecting presence detectors and luminaires using industry standard connectors.

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Wired ceiling suspension

Fastener specialist SEAC has launched a system for suspending services from ceilings called Quick-Lock. It uses wires instead of traditional rod and brackets to suspend ducts, pipe, cable trays and fans. The company says it is much faster to install than rod and brackets. The 2 mm diameter wire comes on 250 m long reels and is secured using a spring-loaded locking device capable of handling up to 50 kg. The locks are available in packs of 10.

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Movers and makers

  • The Society of Light and Lighting has published Lighting Guide 7: Office Lighting. This gives advice on the design, installation and operation of office lighting schemes and takes far greater account of the impact of the PC than the 1993 edition. It also outlines the relevant legislation and standards and contains a section on lighting for plants.

  • The Guild of Architectural Ironmongers has sponsored research by Reading University on light reflectance values. Part M of the Building Regulations stipulates there should be a visual contrast between ironmongery and door faces, which is measured in LRVs. It defines an acceptable LRV difference as 30 points. The Reading University research indicates a 20-point difference is adequate and the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers will be proposing to the British Standards Institution and the ODPM that this should be included in future revisions to BS 8300 and Part M.

  • The British Standards Institution has published BS EN 806-2:2005 Specification for installations inside buildings conveying water for human consumption. This provides technical guidance on appropriate pressures and flow rates, ensuring water quality at the tap is not contaminated or affected by the local environment, avoiding leakage from mains connection to tap and ensuring the system is efficient, convenient, safe, reliable and has a reasonable working life.

  • Zumtobel Staff Lighting has published research demonstrating the link between the design of the working environment and the productivity of people within it. Called Lighting for the Workplace, the 135-page book focuses on the principles of good lighting and provides a critique of lighting guidance, including the new LG7. It also includes an overview of the company’s latest range of luminaires.

  • The Association of Interior Specialists has produced a good practice guide called Site Guide for Raised Access Flooring. It is aimed at those involved in the design, installation and maintenance of raised access flooring in the commercial interiors sector. It offers guidance on health and safety, storage, handling, sequencing with other trades and fixing.

    Glass maker Pilkington has updated its Gl@ss CD-ROM. It provides information on the company’s products, including its Activ self-cleaning glass and its Pyrodur Plus clear fire-resistant glass. The CD-ROM contains performance data, specification information and a picture library.

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