Did anyone except Sport Billy see the upset at Anfield coming on Saturday? Didn’t think so…

Remember Liverpool fans, you’ll never walk alone. You also won’t be winning the FA Cup this year as Barnsley sealed a 2-1 victory at the Reds’ home stadium (much to the chagrin of Building art director and lifelong Liverpool fan, Sam Jenkins).

Did anyone see this coming? Only Building’s own Sport Billy. But Billy only got a pathetic four out of ten in this week’s quiz. The winner was Tina Nash, who predicted seven of the weekend’s sporting results correctly. An FA Cup shirt of your choice is in the post, Tina.

Here are those results in full:

Up for the Cup?

• Bristol Rovers versus Southampton Bristol Rovers win

• Cardiff City versus Wolverhampton Wanderers Cardiff City win

• Liverpool versus Barnsley Barnsley win

• Coventry City versus West Bromwich Albion West Bromwich Albion win

• Chelsea versus Huddersfield Town Chelsea win

• Manchester United versus Arsenal Manchester United win

• Sheffield United versus Middlesbrough Draw

• Preston North End versus Portsmouth Portsmouth

Bath versus Wasps

Bath win

Ascot Commercial First Chase

Kauto Star win