There’s a bevy of events and noise around sustainability at the moment. Here’s ten reasons why the Think Conference offers something different

1. The scope – The conference stretches across disciplines, sectors and professions. It encompasses everything from the specifics of sustainability, which include measurement, live and completed case studies and finance to big picture debates on zero carbon, the future of cities and the countryside, profiting from sustainability and sustainable legislation.

2. The message – The Think conference will move sustainability from rhetoric to reality. It is aimed squarely at offering practical solutions as well as addressing head-on the roadblocks and problems that are barriers to embedding sustainability in the industry.

3. Thought and brand leaders – Hear from leading lights at leading firms such as HSBC, Tesco, Crest Nicholson, Prupim, Jones Land LaSalle, BRE, EDF, WSP, Atkins and Fulcrum

4. The speakers – The conference offers a wide range of names, from well known figures such as environment secretary Hilary Benn and Sir Howard Bernstein to the doers and implementers in the industry. Hear from those who are practising what they preach, from the architects and engineers of low or zero carbon projects to the man planning to create a zero carbon town and the experts and entrepreneurs unlocking value out of sustainability

5. Quality, not quantity – The Think Conference offers just over 80 speakers all tasked with offering their perspectives on vital issues that matter right now in creating truly sustainable buildings, developments and communities. No fluff or puff, but detail, solutions and informed debate

6. International learning – This year will see the conference significantly expand its scope to encompass landmark sustainable work being done around the Globe. There will be a session specifically devoted to international case studies as well as perspectives on green building development in Australia, North America and Continental Europe.

7. Vital topics – Key issues that will be tackled at the event will include creating value and margin out of sustainability and grappling with the thorny issue of measuring sustainability. Other vital topics will include the existing stock of buildings, attracting the right skills to the industry, waste, energy and funding sustainable regeneration.

8. Sustainability in Action – There are three sessions dedicated to excellence in sustainable practices, both focused on particular projects as well as companies who are leading the way in revolutionising their products, services and their staff’s behaviour.

9. Get involved – Think is about sharing opinions, best practice and information. The audience at the conference is a vital part of that and are encouraged to play a full part in proceedings.

10. Live, and online – The conference will be closely aligned with media partners Building, Building Design and Property Week. There will be pre-show content in the magazines and websites, coverage during the event and a chance to continue the debates and discussions raised at the event after the conference.