It’s quiz time! Here are a selection of questions from this year’s Building quiz - challenge yourself or your colleagues and show off those quizzing skills. 

1. Lights, camera, action

  • Which actor played James Bond in 1987?
  • How many Oscars did the film Titanic win?
  • Which actor plays Sonny Crocket in the 2006 film Miami Vice?
  • What number is Herbie, the famous Beatle car?
  • What is the name of the prison in the film The Rock?

2. A Question of Sport

  • Which car won Fernando Alonso his first title in Formula 1?
  • How many players are there in an ice hockey team?
  • What is the nickname of the Belgian national soccer team?
  • How many matches did Muhammad Ali lose in his professional career: three, four or five?
  • What was the Olympic city of 1992?

3. Going underground: all the answers are London Underground stations:

  • This monarch is pretty angry
  • The 1,760th yard
  • Hair on a rather tall cockney?
  • Where Ian Fleming’s super-spy lives?
  • The 2016 Premier League champions and this regular shape?

4. Christmas special

  • When Kevin is left home alone for the first time, where is the family’s destination for their Christmas vacation?
  • Which word, associated with Christmas, comes from a Greek word meaning “we can act anything”?
  • Whose is the first voice to be heard on the original recording of Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas?
  • “Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents” is the first line from which literary classic by Louisa May Alcott?
  • In which year did Wham! have a monster hit with Last Christmas?

5. Name the cryptic construction company

6. Which company do these logos belong to?

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