Cannes braced itself last week as the brogue and court shoe-clad feet of the property and construction industries pounded its streets for Mipim.

We caught up with delegates along its famous promenade to find out how their day was going. The socialising continued long after our 12-hour coverage period but we decided to abide by the 9pm watershed to spare some blushes.


Who Robert Whittington, managing director of Stride Treglown

Where Eating breakfast in a beach-side restaurant

What is your favourite place to hang out at Mipim?

I’d say Le Cosi restaurant. I’m looking forward to having lunch there tomorrow to entertain some clients and consultants. It’s always good.

What’s your recommended hangover cure?

A good breakfast (he brandishes an enormous croissant at us), coffee and orange juice

How do you make sure you’re in the right place at the right time?

By using my electronic personal digital assistant. It’s my lifeline for checking up on appointments – and which parties are happening on which yachts, of course.


Who Helen Arvanitakis, business development manager, David Morley Architects

Where Drinking orange juice at Le Grand Café

What is the best event at Mipim and why?

It’s got to be the Carlton Club on Thursday night. I love it because you can finally relax after a hectic week of networking.

What is your number one Mipim tip?

Get the train. It takes a long time, but you can get some work done and relax a bit while you’re travelling, and it takes you right into town. Flights during this week are barely cheaper, anyway.

Any miracle hangover cures you swear by?

OJ and soluble Solpadeine.


Who Nathan Cornish, managing director, Urban Splash Midlands

Where Sipping bottled water at the Manchester stand

What is your favourite event?

Hang the DJ, a party at a beach called Plage Royale on Thursday night – which creeps into Friday morning. It is run by an events company we use called Ear to the Ground, and they’re here to show off so it should be a great night.

Where are you most likely to be found?

Here, at the Manchester stand. It’s a bit of a home away from home for some of us.

Do you mind sharing your tried and tested hangover cure?

A jog down the beach. I’m not joking – nothing clears the head like it!


Who Guy Austin, partner, Ridge

Where Playing boules outside Caffé Roma

What has been the best event so far?

We had a dinner with HLM Architects and MTT Consulting on Tuesday at a restaurant called Colombe d’Or up in the hills. It was fantastic – the best food I’ve ever had here.

Where are you most likely to hang out?

On our boat – the Costa Magna, or the Costa Bloody Fortune, as we like to call it …

And your best hangover cure is?

Red Bull. That’s all. Though they have this drink here called The Burn, which is even redder than Red Bull. It’s lethal, but it does the trick.


Who Dan Ringelstein, director, Skidmore Owings Merrill

Where In the Paris La Défense tent looking at models of tall buildings

Where can you be found normally?

In the London tent, though it’s nice to check out the competition in other cities, too.

Has Mipim changed since you first came here?

I came for the first time last year and I felt a bit like a rabbit in the headlights. You can get lost very easily. This year I knew what to expect and I’ve got a lot more out of it as a result.

Would you change anything?

The only thing that’s missing is more design discussion. I’d welcome that. Otherwise, we’ve got a few business cards and met a few potential clients, so it has done its job.


Who Ian Metcalfe, board director, Faithful + Gould, London

Where At the F+G dinner at Les Gourmets, Rue de Constantine

What is your favourite place to go at Mipim?

Mougins. It’s a rustic hill town near Cannes, in which you have to walk over cobbles but it’s worth it because then you get to a Michelin-starred restaurant

How long will it take you to recover from Mipim?

About two hours. I have no choice in the matter as my wife has booked us into a salsa class as soon as I get back.