The Government is to consult on a potential new ‘champion’ role for the construction industry.

The Chief Construction Officer, a civil service position, would serve as the main point of engagement between industry and Government.

The Officer would work with and across government departments to help to ease the problem of fragmentation of construction policy across Government and will act as the main point of engagement between Government and industry, helping to oversee the implementation of Government policy, such as the Strategy for Sustainable Construction.

Business Secretary John Hutton said: “Construction is a key sector of the UK economy, generating nearly 9% of GDP and employing more than 2.8 million people.

“We have known for some time that the industry has felt it needs more dedicated Whitehall support and for government departments to be more joined-up and holistic in their approach to procurement and policy development. That is why we have embraced the BERR Committee’s recommendation regarding the creation of a new role to ‘champion’ the sector and to ensure that Government remains consistent and focussed in its relationship with this vital sector.”