A distribution centre in North Staffordshire has secured the highest ever BREEAM 2008 rating.

The G.Park Blue Planet achieved a BREEAM rating of outstanding and is predicted to save £300,000 per year in running costs.

G.Park Blue Planet achieves BREEAM outstanding
G.Park Blue Planet achieves BREEAM outstanding

The building is powered by a biomass plant on site and is further enhanced by photovoltaic installations on the roof. Electro-kinetic road plates set within internal roads generate electricity from vehicles entering and leaving the site.

A rainwater harvesting system collects roof water for re-use in the building. Energy efficient measures are in place throughout the building.

Paul Gibbon, sustainability director at BRE Global, described the rating as a “remarkable achievement” which indicates a return for investment in green measures.

Architectural practice Chetwoods designed the building. Delta Simons acted as sustainability consultant.

The outstanding rating was introduced by BRE in August 2008. The rating equates to a score of 85% as opposed to the 70% required for an excellent rating.