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  • Brian Green

    Why young folk can’t buy homes


    It’s simple really – pay is low and prices are high…

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    Value of UK homes rose £125.7 billion in 2009


    Sounds big, but it's not so impressive when you consider inflation and stock growth

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    Nationwide joins other indexes to show house prices falling


    House prices may be on the slide but there shouldn't be another collapse

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    Signs of a stalling housing market


    It’s a confused picture, but overall the recent resurgence in the market looks to be petering out

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    The big question for Mr Shapps


    I would like to be among those welcoming Grant Shapps to his new role as housing minister and wishing him well. I must admit I have not been particularly kind to his ideas to date. It’s my job to be critical I guess.But for the record I do have a ...

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    Construction redundancies remain high while vacancies remain low


    As the real business of governing the UK begins to wind up again, the latest employment figures will do little to cheer the incoming government as it prepares to put chalk marks on where deep public sector cuts will be made.The overall figures showed the rise of unemployment continuing above ...

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    Bank figures provide more jitters for the housing market


    The latest data on mortage lending from the Bank of England will do little to steady the nerves of those in the house building world.The figures show the number of approvals for house purchases on a seasonally adjusted basis has taken a dip in the first quarter of this year.The ...

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    We're back to double-digit growth in house prices, oh dear


    House prices are booming again, crack open the champagne!Well maybe not.If I was a house builder reading the latest survey from the Nationwide building society showing a double-digit rise in prices over the past year (see graph) I would be worried.Looking at my short-term prospects, naturally I would be chirpy ...

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    Budget figures confirm the urgent need for new sources of investment in construction


    As if in compensation for all the anticipation before and excitement during the Budget announcement, we are left with the dull thud back to reality afterwards.Certainly, for construction the Budget itself changed little of substance.Alright the first-time buyer stamp duty holiday was an eye-catching cheeky move. But we all know ...

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    Stamp duty - a tax rise that looks set to win votes


    There is obvious glee within the housing market about the prospects of a two-year period free of stamp duty for those first-time buyers who purchase properties worth less than £250,000.The £250,000 threshold captures practically all of them, with significantly less than 10% of exceptions that will be mainly resident in ...

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    Comforting data ahead of the budget


    As the Chancellor Alistair Darling puts his final touches to the Budget he will be relieved by the recent spate of comforting data.Last Wednesday we had employment statistics showing that the unemployment was falling.On Thursday the figures on public finances were far healthier than expected, with the Institute for Fiscal ...

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    More home sellers, fewer home letters - a housing market in flux


    How should we read yesterday’s Rightmove figures showing the slowest ever March pick up in asking prices?They appear to be consistent with much of what else we are seeing in the market – a growing body of evidence that the recent bounce back in the housing market is faltering (see ...

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    Is the housing market on the turn again?


    Today’s release by the surveyors’ body RICS of its latest housing market survey provides a little bit of support to both sides of the will-they-won’t-they debate on house price rises.Looked at nationally, the broad measures of estate agents experiences and expectations of house prices remain positive.A majority of 17% saw ...

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    We are on a perilous road to the new normal – but at least it’s exciting


    Yesterday I went to an excellent conference organised by the Council of Mortgage Lenders. I know it was good because I came away with a headache and a slightly befuddled mind, but invigorated nevertheless.What made it more interesting was that on the train into London I read Martin Wolf’s column ...

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    Was it just the cold or is it a relapse?


    There are plenty of people, “experts” indeed, who fully expect a double-dip recession for both the economy and, for that matter, house prices.For them the data emerging for January’s performance appears to be, albeit gently, vindicating their position. They will no doubt seize with alacrity the retail figures from the ...

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    Forecasts point to a tough and risky road ahead for construction


    The latest Experian forecast is out today and it paints a broadly similar, albeit slightly more optimistic, picture to that of the recently released forecast from the Construction Products Association.The main point of departure is on the views towards housing. Here the Experian forecasters are more bullish, if you can ...

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    Are UK houses really worth 6% more than a year ago?


    The final Halifax index for 2009 has been released and it settles on a December 2009 average house price 5.6% above that of December 2008.This is roughly in line with the figures from Nationwide which show a 5.9% rise.It is easy from this to draw the conclusion that on average ...

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    Pundits on balance point to flat house prices in 2010


    It's the time of the year for reflections, resolutions and prognostications. And what can be more fun than guessing the likely path of house prices?Well I can think of a few things. And I'm also left wondering why anyone would wish to state a house price forecast publicly and put ...

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    Housing recovery is resting on happier family homes market


    The latest swathe of housing data continues to suggest a pick up both in prices and activity and the RICS November house price survey, released today, adds further weight to the case for a housing recovery.Its measures for sales, expected sales, new inquiries, new instructions, prices and expected prices are ...

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    The cruelty of breeding force-fed first-time buyers


    Here's a question that goes right to the heart of current housing policy: Should we be using incentives as readily as we are to encourage first-time buyers onto the property ladder?However iconoclastic or contrary this question may seem, it needs to be asked. There is so much at stake.Promoting first-time ...