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    Has the housing mini-boom run out of puff?


    All the gauges appear to be reading "set fair" in the housing market, so why the long faces among those in the know?The latest RICS housing market survey on the face of it provides every reason to suspect that better times lie ahead. This follows a raft of housing indexes ...

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    Future traders think the tide has turned for house prices


    The futures market is now pricing in strong growth in the housing market, with the Halifax index priced to rise by 6% over the coming 12 months and by 12% over 5 years.This is a marked rise in the prices from just a month ago and reflects the uplift in ...

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    Contractors are bagging a third less new work than at peak


    The latest new orders figures provide a sobering injection of reality after the barrage of "it's okay the recession is over" talk that seems rife.Yes the rate of collapse has slowed. But it's the level that really matters at the moment.Forgetting seasonal adjusted constant price measures, if we compare the ...

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    House prices on the increase, but so too are the questions marks over the housing market


    The big news is that for the first time in two years more surveyors in Britain said prices rose than said they fell, according to the latest RICS housing market survey.The big question is whether this is the start of a continuous and sustained recovery in the housing market or ...

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    CML provides further evidence of the housing market becoming more buoyant


    The Council of Mortgage Lenders today adds yet more weight to the view that the housing market is in a period of stability if not growth.Its June figures show a 23% increase in the number of home loans over the past month taking the total to a level not seen ...

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    Homes sales continued to perk up in April, but it's too early to call it a recovery


    The official figures for property transactions will make comforting reading in April for those selling homes.They seem consistent with the prevailing view that the housing market, in terms of sales and not prices, is showing some signs of bouncing back up from the floor reached at the turn of the ...

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    Housing rescue plan? What housing rescue plan?


    Caroline Flint has just announced the much talked of rescue plan for the housing market - couched in terms of affordable housing, but in essence an attempt to bolster the crumbling house building sector.It has been welcomed by the National Housing Federation, so it must be good. And I am ...