Jan-Carlos Kucharek

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    Fast movers


    Developments in software technology are helping to make fit-out projects ever more efficient – a real boon in such a time-critical sector

  • PCMs could make a difference on a lightweight timber-frame building like this one

    Phase-change materials: Phase to stun


    Phase-change materials that can store and emit energy might transform the way we design and specify buildings. As the first products come to market, Jan-Carlos Kucharek finds out how they work

  • Rather than chemical process impregnation, Accoya ‘is actually modifying the cell structure of the timber’, according to John Alexander, BSW’s managing director.

    Timber windows: Back to the future


    Out of favour for so long, timber could be making a comeback thanks to improvements in its durability. And as Jan-Carlos Kucharek reports, modern technologies may help this thoroughly traditional material press the right buttons when it comes to sustainability

  • Biometric access and attendance registration systems are becoming increasingly common in public and private schools

    Safe and sound


    Healthcare and education Good design in schools entails reconciling security with the needs of investors looking to maximise the use of premises.