Planning rules relaxed for wave of mini nuclear reactors


With small modular reactors – which can be built quickly offsite – seen as the future of nuclear, the government wants to simplify the relevant planning process

In recent weeks, government support for new nuclear energy has intensified, with particular focus on speeding up delivery of the much-anticipated small modular reactors (SMRs). In the Civil Nuclear Roadmap to 2050, published last month, the government emphasised its ambition to achieve 24GW of nuclear capacity by 2050. This is key to achieving net zero by 2050 and developing the UK’s energy security strategy.

In addition to Hinkley Point C, which is already under construction in Somerset, the government has now invested directly in another large-scale nuclear power station in Suffolk, Sizewell C. Combined, these power stations will generate enough energy to power around 6 million homes. They deliver just under 6.5GW, so there is little wonder the government has set out its desire for at least one more large-scale reactor in the UK.

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