Sandwell council delegation to confront education secretary over scrapped BSF schemes

Michael Gove is set for his first confrontation with an angry council over the scrapped Building Schools for the Future programme today.

A delegation from Sandwell council in the West Midlands is visiting Westminster today to find out why their nine new schools have been cancelled and what is going to be done to replace the current buildings. The delegation includes the council leader, Darren Cooper, as well as cabinet members, school governors and children.

Education secretary Gove had promised to bisit the borough to explain why the schools were cancelled, but cancelled at the last minute.

Cooper said: “I will be pleading the borough’s cause and telling the secretary of state about the harm this decision will do to generations of young people. We need to modernise all our schools, not just some, and Building Schools for the Future was delivering this transformation. For the scheme to be stopped when we are so far down the line is wasteful, short-sighted and heart-breaking for pupils and parents.”