Ed Miliband has called on the public sector to generate more renewable energy in his first speech as climate change and energy secretary.

In a speech to the Environment Agency, Miliband said that although the public sector accounts for 10% of the land, it generates only 1% of renewable power.

Miliband said: “At the moment there are plans to develop 500 MW of power, but we can be far more ambitious since there is the capacity for four times as much. It requires public sector leaders to be brave and see the opportunities. This will generate energy they can use and income, showing the public sector taking a lead in doing something we all will benefit from; tackling dangerous climate change.”

Miliband also said that the government has to “pick up the pace” on low-carbon home initiatives as 7.5m homes still have unfilled wall cavities and 11m are said to have inadequate loft insulation.