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  • Tony bingham 2017 bw web

    Good faith strikes again


    A new ruling shows you can’t breach part of a contract then use the contract machinery to turn that breach in your favour, explains Tony Bingham

  • Ian yule 2017 bw

    Is the ICC target cost contract ready to compete with NEC?


    Ian Yule explains the recently released ICC target cost contract and weighs it against its main rival as an engineering contract, the NEC

  • Tony bingham 2017 bw web

    NEC – stick to the plan


    The NEC demands a devoted approach in its parties – but follow the contract closely, and everything should go smoothly

  • Comment

    NEC in practice


    If you want to use the NEC contracts successfully, then you've got to keep talking to each other. That was the key message to be taken from a talk titled “NEC in Practice” recently hosted by the King’s College Construction Law Association in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Building. ...