The development team behind the £1bn King’s Cross regeneration scheme in London has hinted that the project is unlikely to include tall buildings.
The hint will be seen as a victory for conservation groups, which have recently made public attacks on tall building proposals for the Paddington Basin and the City of London.

In an interim report on the project, Parameters for Regeneration, developer Argent St George acknowledges the limitations for tall buildings on the 58.5 acre site.

The report says: “Whether there is a place for tall buildings at King’s Cross will depend upon many … considerations. For example, we need to consider the conservation of historic buildings, conservation area designations and the protection of strategic views.”

We need to consider the conservation of historic buildings and protection of strategic views

Argent St George, King’s Cross developer

Argent St George believes the efficient use of medium height developments can achieve similar densities.

The report also questions the feasibility of London mayor Ken Livingstone’s plans to introduce a 50% affordable housing quota on new developments, but says the scheme will provide more than 1000 new homes.