Pair of builders spend seven hours and use 1,000 ice blocks on snow structure

This picture showing two local builders inside an igloo of their own construction was picked up by the Bolton News during the cold snap just before Christmas.

Back on 22 December Gareth and Antony Aspinall, who are cousins, used more than 1,000 ice blocks to build the structure in Gareth's garden in Heaton.

It took the pair around seven hours to build and when it was finished it stood around five feet tall by four feet wide.

Gareth Aspinall told the Bolton News: “I just thought ‘I’m not making a snowman or going sledging’, I wanted to do something different.

“We are both in construction so are off work so I thought why not spend the day building an igloo.

“It’s better than anything an Eskimo could make.”