Professionals to learn best practice from nineties' 'credit crunch'

The Academy for Sustainable Communities (ASC) is conducting research into how companies might best react to the credit crunch.

The ASC, set up in the wake of the Egan report to help deliver 'better places,' is asking professionals about best practice during the last downturn. It hopes that lessons learnt then will be able to give firms an upper hand in the current financial turbulence.

“We want to find out the different things companies implemented in the nineties, how they changed practices and to make some useful suggestions,” media relations spokeswoman, Jo Bell said. “We want to provide professionals and orgs with as much support as possible.” The results of the survey will be published next week.

ASC is also conducting a survey looking at respondents’ knowledge of climate change jargon. The organisation hopes to use the information gained as the basis for a new course.