Advertising Standards Authority upholds manufacturer's claim over costs of disposing insulated panels

A ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has quashed challenges regarding the disposal of end-of-life products by Kingspan’s Insulate Panels.

The challenges to Kingspan’s Delievering Sustainable Construction brochure were made by roofing company Quedron Ltd, sister company to Euroclad, however it was quashed on all four counts.

The ASA was satisfied that Kingspan Ecosafe insulated panels had a commercial value for disposal at the end of life, subject to transport costs, and that the cost of processing panels through shredder plants was approximately cost neutral with the transport costs from the site covered by the scrap value of steel.

In its final judgement, ASA said: “We concluded Kingspan had substantiated the claim that the processing of panels through shredder plants was approximately cost neutral.”

Commenting on the ruling, Chris Witte, head of marketing, said: “It is time the mineral fibre industry stopped trying to undermine confidence in Kingspan products, and get on with the job of competing fairly.”