Aecom’s global chief executive of building engineering David Glover is to leave the firm

David Glover - Aecom

Source: Aecom

David Glover - Aecom

Aecom’s global head of engineering, who has played a leading role on the firm’s Serpentine Pavilion projects, is stepping down from the consultant.

Aecom confirmed that David Glover, Aecom’s global chief executive of building engineering, will depart at the end of October to take up the role of chief executive at Intelligent Engineering, a UK-based firm delivering engineering products to the built environment.

Aecom said Glover, who joined Aecom in 2011, would continue to work with the firm as a consultant.

An Aecom spokesperson said: “While we will greatly miss David in his role as global head of Building Engineering, we are delighted to say that he will continue to work with AECOM as a consultant.

“In particular, he will continue to lead AECOM’s involvement in the annual Serpentine Pavilion project which is one of the most high profile projects for the firm.

“He will also work closely with our architecture and engineering teams in his new organisation helping to develop and deliver innovative solutions for our projects and the industry.”