Consultant fees rise following late delivery of guided bus route

Atkins has tripled its fees on the Cambridge guided bus network following the two year delays on the project.

The Cambridge busway opened earlier this month after the contractor BAM Nuttall handed over the project over two years later than planned.

As a result of delays Atkins’ fees increased from £2.9m to almost £10m.

The council says the increase in fees will be offset against fines imposed on BAM Nuttall for late delivery of the project.

Bob Menzies, head of busway delivery at Cambridgeshire County Council, told the BBC: “BAM Nuttall finally delivered the scheme two years late and now dispute they should be liable for the overspend as set out in the contract.

“The council has no choice but to bring in extra resources to manage the contract and make sure that BAM Nuttall’s claims are properly assessed.”

“To make sure best value is delivered for Cambridgeshire taxpayers in the long run, the council must take the correct advice, which comes at a cost.”

BAM Nuttall’s project fee leapt from £87m to £151m. The council has put aside £6.7m in legal fees to fight the contractor over the £64m cost over-run.