Bovis director leaves job with Australian contractor to join Land Securities' property division six months after taking up new role.
John Anderson has quit his job as a director of Bovis Lend Lease to become a director of developer Land Securities' property division.

The departure follows what many saw as a sideways move for Anderson in July, when he was switched to a new position at Bovis Lend Lease.

He moved from managing director of Bovis Lend Lease Europe to a new role working with chairman Luther Cochrane to oversee the company's "integrated real estate" business.

Anderson's special projects at his new company include the development of e-commerce projects and e-procurement. He will also assist with major projects in construction.

Anderson said: "I am looking forward to returning to the world of property and development and am excited by the opportunity of using my development, construction and e-commerce expertise with Ian Henderson and his experienced and talented team at Land Securities." Anderson, 55, has 25 years' experience at both P&O and Bovis, starting with property development and moving on to construction. He was involved with key projects including the privatisation of the UK government's Property Services Agency, Bovis' UK expansion into PFI and, for the past year, the integration with Lend Lease.

Land Securities chief executive Ian Henderson said: "John has considerable experience in handling large projects. I am delighted that he has now joined us. We are looking to achieve higher returns from property, and e-procurement will be one way of achieving that." A spokesman for Bovis Lend Lease said: "He's done a first-class job here. He's now chosen to return to development and we wish him success in that."