The refurbishment of Antigua’s international airport will not be completed in time for the Cricket World Cup in March as planned.

Building has learned that about 70% of the work will be completed in time at VC Bird International Airport. Although frontline refurbishment will be ready, such as increased capacity at the departure lounge and the arrivals hall, behind-the-scenes work will not.

Facilities that are delayed include a new power generator and the areas where baggage passes from the aeroplane to the passenger.

Several British firms, including Reid Architecture and project manager Scott Wilson, are working on the redevelopment, which is part of a 25-year masterplan for VC Bird.

It’s no good if passengers can’t get hold of their bags quickly

Project source

One project source said: “It is okay for passengers if it all looks good, but it is no good if they can’t get hold of their baggage quickly.”

But another source said most passengers would not notice that the back room facilities were incomplete.

The problem was caused by the Antiguan government’s decision to move from a traditional to a PPP-style contract. This delayed the procurement process, and the Brazilian contractor was not appointed until last month.