John Priestley dropped after two days over ‘misuse of title’ complaint

The RIBA chartered member who was appointed as an expert witness by the Grenfell Inquiry has been sacked after two days.

John Priestley, of John Priestley Associates, is being investigated by the Arb for describing himself as a “UK registered and Chartered Architect” when he has not in fact been on the Arb register since 2010.


A statement from an inquiry spokeman said: “All expert witnesses instructed by the inquiry are expected to comply with any relevant provisions and professional codes of conduct.

“Before he was instructed John Priestley confirmed he was a UK registered and chartered architect.

“Following the receipt of information that Mr Priestley is not currently registered with the Architects Registration Board, the inquiry has withdrawn his instruction as an expert witness.”

Priestley’s website which made the claim was taken down this morning.

It is an offence to call yourself an architect if you are not registered with the Arb.

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An Arb spokesperson said: “Concerns have been raised with us regarding potential misuse of the title ‘architect’ in relation to John Priestley. Based on the information available at this time, we have reason to believe the individual in question is Andrew John Priestley who first came onto the Architects Register in 1987, but has not been registered since 2010. We are taking appropriate action in response to this matter.”

Priestley is a RIBA chartered member. The RIBA provided this explanation for how somebody can be chartered but not registered with the Arb: “All our chartered members who been elected to membership in the UK have qualified as architects, having undertaken courses of study and passed examinations that have been prescribed or recognised by Council, which are also recognised by the Architects Registration Board. Chartered members in the UK must not practice or carry out business in the UK under any name, style or title containing the word architect or use the affix RIBA unless they are registered with the Arb.”

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