Arup and CREC to bid for work together in emerging markets

Arup and the China Railway Engineering Corporation have signed an agreement to bid for international projects together.

In the presence of Prime Minister David Cameron and Chinese PM Wen Jiabao – the two parties signed a memorandum of understanding to work on bids together for schemes in the Middle East, South America and South East Asia.

According to both firms the agreement is likely to ‘provide a compelling proposition for prospective clients in these rapidly expanding markets.’

The deal covers all services provided by Arup including architecture.

Philip Dilley, chairman of the Arup group board, said: “CREC is a very well-known and highly respected company, so we are delighted to be able to work with them even more closely, combining our knowledge and expertise to exploit new business opportunities in fast-growing markets around the world.”

Signing on behalf of CREC, Vice President, Mr Hui Liu, said: “Not only does the agreement reinforce the strong relationship between Arup and CREC, it also puts us in a good position to exchange information on new project opportunities and bid for major contracts as we aim to expand outside China.”

The signing ceremony in London was attended by high level dignitaries from both Arup and the CREC – along with officials from the UK and Chinese governments.