Troubled spa building designed by Nicholas Grimshaw will open next week five years late and £33m over budget

The beleaguered Bath Spa will open next week, following years of delays and rising costs.

Architect Nicholas Grimshaw’s £45m spa building, now named Thermae Bath Spa, is set to open on August 7, five years late and £33m over budget.

The Spa will have a subdued opening next Monday, with neither the architect nor the local politician in charge of the scheme attending the opening ceremony.

The council is gearing up for a legal battle with contractor Mowlem, which has now been taken over by Carillion, and other consultants on the project, including the architect, Grimshaws.

Nicole O'Flaherty, the councillor at Bath and North East Somerset Council responsible for the spa, said she thought the council was owed financial compensation.

Previously, Malcolm Hanney, executive member for resources at the council, said it was reviewing what legal claims it will make.