Scheme has near £29m price tag

An offshore energy research centre is looking for a contractor to design and build a new £28.5m facility to test wind turbine blades in Northumberland.

The Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, a company set up by government in 2013, wants a single contractor to design, procure, construct and commission the blade test facility at its site in Blyth.


Source: ORE Catapult

An 88m-long turbine blade. Thew new facility will allow testing of blades as long as 150m

ORE Catapult, which was created to speed up the growth of offshore renewable companies in the UK, wants to expand its wind turbine test capabilities by building a new facility capable of full-scale testing of blades up to 150m in length, with the option of expanding to test blades up to 180m.

The job will involve an “aggressive build programme” due to a funding arrangement, according to the client, with the contract beginning on 5 June next year and finishing at the end of July 2024.

Firms have until 29 November to bid.