Framework consultant recently introduced mental health clauses into procurement documents

Firms have been put on notice for the second generation of Pagabo’s £1bn refit and refurbishment framework.

The latest version of the framework will run for four years from March next year, after the expiration of the current deal in February.


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Pagabo chief executive Gerard Toplass said suppliers needed to demonstrate competency on mental health issues

It will be split into five value-based lots ranging from up to £500,000 through to £15m-plus.

The news comes shortly after the procurement body announced it would introduce mental health clauses into its procurement documents.

Chief executive Gerard Toplass said integrating provisions within procurement was “one of the best ways to achieve greater accountability” with regards to mental health.

“During my time in the industry, I have never seen a contract clause with a specific reference to mental health in it – there are good practices and health and safety at work but nothing on mental health,” he said.

“We must be asking ‘how do you?’ and not just ‘do you?’. We can weight questions to help demonstrate to suppliers how important their answers are – the same way we already do with social value for example.”

Suppliers interested in the new refit and refurbishment framework must submit bids by 11 January next year.