Colin Trousdale says someone should be held culpable

Colin Trousdale, 50, an electrician, has worked in the construction industry for 35 years, and believes he is one of the victims of the 3,213-name list used to vet construction workers uncovered by the Information Commissioner's Office.

He said he believed he had been on the list for as long as 15 years, after matching his name and insurance number with details given by blacklist whistleblower Alan Wainwright. Building exposed Wainwright's claims in 2006.

Trousdale claims he may have lost up to six years worth of work. “I'm convinced I have lost a lot of work because of that list, while Kerr has been making money out of my name.”

He said he had several colleagues who also believed they were on the list. “We'll write to our MP to find out if our names are on there, under the Freedom of Information Act, and then we'll be looking to take someone to court over it,” he added.

“Someone has to be held culpable for this - someone signed those cheques on the invoices. We're going to demand answers as to how this was allowed to happen.”

“Over the past 15 years, I reckon I've lost up to six years of work because of that list. One of my colleagues was convinced he was also on it. He lost a lot of money because he spent years out of work, then he had a stroke. He's only 42, and he can't work again now.

“We've known this list has existed for a number of years. I like to think the government will finally clamp down on this. Where I'm based, in the north-west, there are a lot of electricians unemployed, and I know it's because of this, not just because of the downturn. And the government has the cheek to complain of a skills shortage; it's a farce.

“These firms need to be held accountable; we're going to make sure they are.”