Plumbers and electricians cashing in with rates in London hitting record levels

Plumbers and electricians are earning more than £1,100 a week with the cost of labour on London jobs hitting record levels, according to a leading payroll firm.

Hudson Contract said average earnings for self-employed tradespeople rose to £950 per week during February, a jump of 7.1% on the same period last year.

And all trades in London are picking up an average of £1,000 week with rates in the capital up 13.6% on this time last year.

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Workers across all trades in London are earning an average of £1,000 a week, Hudson said

Nationally, plumbers are taking home £1,115 a week and electricians are earning £1,145 a week.

Hudson said soaring wage inflation saw pay packets in all regions go up in February with weekly take home pay hitting an all-time high of £931 in the South-west.

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Managing director Ian Anfield said: “It has been a mild start to the year and demand on sites remains high for skilled tradespeople. We have had a busy month for entering new contracts and we are seeing anecdotal evidence of more Europeans returning to the UK labour market.”

The regions which saw the biggest jumps in February were the North-east with weekly pay packets going up 15.1% to an average of £748 and Yorkshire and the Humber with a rise of 14.7%, taking the weekly average to £897.