London mayor tells businesses to maximise access in order to reap full benefit of 2012 Games

Boris Johnson has called on businesses in the capital to make the London Olympics the “most accessible ever”.

Speaking in Beijing ahead of the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games, the London mayor said that the 2012 Olympics must act as a catalyst to transform the capital for disabled people.

He said that London must do “everything possible” to maximise access to the city’s hotels, restaurants and nightspots as well as the Games themselves.

Boris Johnson
Credit: Thomas Roche
Johnson: "I want everyone who comes London to enjoy every aspect of their stay"

Johnson said: “I want everyone who comes to London to enjoy every aspect of their stay, including Paralympians, disabled spectators, and anyone who may have difficulty moving around the capital.

“So I urge all London businesses, including shops, restaurants and hotels, to start thinking now about how they can make their goods and services as accessible as possible in time for and to reap the benefits of the 2012 Games.”